Our demands!

Our demands, Your rights

Our demands, Your rights

  • Halt construction immediately.
    • We, as New Yorkers need to know what is being done in our name. And, we have questions. [HYPERLINK]
  • Remove surveillance cameras and bluetooth beacons immediately.
    • Kiosks do not need to have cameras and blue tooth chips to provide WiFi.
    • Information about New Yorkers’ movements on- or off-line should not be monetized for corporate profit.
  • Answer the public’s questions -Supposedly LinkNYC is in a Beta phase, but it’s not clear how CityBridge is collecting feedback on the current kiosks. We (and the New York Civil Liberties Union) have questions about the terms of use…and a whole lot more.

  • Provide genuine community WiFi (especially to low-income communities) – without the surveillance.
    • Create a public WiFi system that gives to the community rather than taking from it and does not compromise citizens’ privacy.
    • Use people-focused rather than profit-driven design.

    Here’s a brief list of freeor low cost WiFi projects: NYC Mesh Red Hook Wifi Free Harlem Wifi New America Resilient Wesh Wireless Project

  • Institute public oversight for any and all community WiFi projects.
    • New Yorkers want control over the shape of their city’s digital future.

Rethink Link.