EFF Scrutinizes LinkNYC's Updated Privacy Policy

Posted 04 Oct 2017

Public Participation and Consequences for Violations Still Lacking

Several months ago, Rethink LinkNYC reviewed LinkNYC’s new privacy policy and discovered it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The EFF has published its review and “several problems unfortunately remain.” The kiosks continue to collect and store technical information, which includes IP addresses, anonymized MAC addresses, device type, and device identifiers for up to 60 days and footage captured from the cameras are retained for 7 days.

The storage life is more than enough time for LinkNYC to deanonymize the data by crunching it with purchased data from data brokers.

All of us need to do our part by speaking up and taking action for change to happen. Email rethinklinknyc@riseup.net to learn how to join the rethink movement.