DOJ wants to end website privacy

Posted 18 Aug 2017

Are we slipping into state censorship of thought?

In a blatant government overreach, the DOJ is requesting the IP addresses of 1.3 million visitors of the The federal agency is also wanting visitor emails, names, and organizers.

This is one more example of our privacy being eroded by public-private sector duo. Visitor information could be used to find and target organizers, identify geographic areas that having dissenting opinions, and intimidate activists and potential activists. This overt targeting weakens and could destroy the movement.

Rethink Link NYC stands against population dragnet surveillance resulting in violation of citizen’s privacy rights. We believe this act exemplifies the dangers of digital profiling, similar to the policy of stop and frisk. The Link NYC capabilities of digital audio, visual tracking demand immediate transparency and should be halted until public over-site installed.