RethinkLinkNYC featured on BRIC TV's BK Stories

Posted 26 Jan 2017

Free WiFi Kiosks in Brooklyn Are Raising Concerns Among the Cyber Expert Community

On Thursday January 26th RethinkLink.NYC was spotlighted on BRIC TV’s BK Stories series.

Featured were interviews with the RethinkLinkNYC collective, as well as takes from the Rally for Privacy and theater performance “LinkNYC unmasked”.

We are excited to see independent journalism push LinkNYC for public comment. Our questions remain unanswered, many originally expressed in NYCLU’s March 15 open letter. We aim to continue to put public pressure on New York City and DOIIT agency to be straight with its citizens.

Finally, the NYCLU seeks clarification on CityBridge’s policy regarding sharing of data collected by the environmental sensors and cameras on the Links. The policy states that “[CityBridge] will not give any data collected by environmental sensors or cameras to anyone other than the City or governmental law enforcement,” with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is with “advanced, written permission from the City.” We would like to know whether the environmental sensors and cameras will be routinely feeding into any City or NYPD systems, including the Domain Awareness System; if so, that should be made explicit in the privacy policy. We further request adding language to the privacy policy that promises that LinkNYC users will receive notice if the City provides written permission to CityBridge to share information from environmental sensors and cameras with any third parties.


  • Robin Laverne Wilson, Activist, Green Party candidate for US Senate
  • Ben Bentsmen, Member of
  • Jonah Bosewitch, PhD, Member of

We would like to thank BRIC TV and the segment producer, Filioppo Piscopo for his commitment to covering this important issue.