Unmask LinkNYC - A rally for privacy

Posted 12 Jan 2017

Come be a part of the first organized resistance to LinkNYC!

On Thursday Jan 12th LinkNYC kiosk will come to life and dialogue with New Yorkers over lunch hour. We are staging a street theater intervention to raise questions about kiosk surveillance.

LinkNYC kiosks are springing up all over the city. They are marketed as “free” public wifi and a general public service. We are not being told that LinkNYC is tracking New Yorkers movements, association patterns, browser habits, and online activities.

RethinkLinkNYC is a group of concerned citizens who are demanding to Rethink the Link.nyc program. We believe LinkNYC is not true community wifi. Instead, LinkNYC is mass surveillance and corporate profit boxed and marketed as free wifi. True community WiFi unites and connects people. It affirms freedom, openness and trust.

WHAT: A 5 minute scripted skit featuring a New York couple’s first encounter with an 8 foot tall living kiosk.
WHERE: SE corner 61st and Broadway, Manhattan map
WHEN: Thursday January 12, 2017 – 12:30pm-1pm

We invite you to bring signs to affirm our right to privacy.

(For those who use it, here is the Facebook Event)